Abetek Button Down Mounts

19.95 USD

The Abetek Button Down Mount



The Abetek Button Down Mount

A note from designer Abe Dolinger:

I made these to deal with a really awful work shirt on a show I’ve been on this summer. Starchy, crackly and dense, it responded weakly to some of my favorite tricks but was still a pain. I had the idea to brute-force a solution that would give the mic some clearance and also create a dead space in the shirt, movement-wise. I tried a couple of different materials and this is the result. The mounts are very flexible, vibration-absorbent, and strong – they hold up to a lot of abuse. I use the COS-11 version every day on this show and it’s been a lifesaver. It doesn’t prevent truly awful things like arm-crossing, but normal movement is now totally acceptable in my case.

I recommend using it vertically, between the shirt buttons near the solar plexus, so the mic is barely hidden. You can use 1/2″ Topstick, or Joe’s Sticky Stuff if you need extra isolation. The mic comes out at an angle because I like the way it sounds better than purely horizontal.