Lectrosonics DSSM Miniature Water-Resistant Digital Transmitter

2,449.00 USD

Lectrosonics DSSM Miniature Water-Resistant Digital Transmitter — Enhanced, fully digital successor to the SSM. The DSSM is the smallest transmitter on the market with an IP57 rating and removeable battery.



Lectrosonics DSSM Miniature Water-Resistant Digital Transmitter

Lectrosonics DSSM Miniature Water-Resistant Digital Transmitter — Enhanced, fully digital successor to the SSM. The DSSM is the smallest transmitter on the market with an IP57 rating and removeable battery. An IP57 (Ingress Protection) rating means that the device is capable of being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter, as well as being protected from dust. This makes the DSSM ideal for the most demanding work environments, all while allowing for quick battery swap-outs. Perfect for theater, TV, film, and broadcast environments, where concealment and water-resistance are required.

The DSSM offers an extensive feature set and performance packed into an exceptionally compact housing, compatible with all current Lectrosonics digital receivers, including the DSQD, DCR822, DSR, DSR4, M2Ra, and DCHR.

Slightly larger and heavier than the SSM, the DSSM has corners that are more rounded. And the DSSM is of course water-resistant, whereas the SSM is not.

The DSSM includes specially developed, high efficiency circuitry for extended operating time on the rechargeable LB-50 battery. RF power selections are offered at 10 and 35 mW (D2 compat mode) and a special high density (HDM) mode at 2 mW.

The servo bias input accepts mic or line level signals with a wide range of gain adjustment in 1 dB steps. Accurate indications on the display allow precise gain adjustments to be made for the maximum signal-to-noise ratio and minimum distortion. The limiter in the preamp can cleanly handle signal peaks over 30 dB above full modulation, allowing the input gain to be set high enough to achieve the maximum signal-to-noise ratio, yet provide protection against input overload.

The audio input jack is a common subminiature 3-pin connector with a threaded collar adding additional ruggedness. An IR (infrared) port next to the antenna allows transfer of frequency and compatibility mode settings, as well as encryption keys.

The membrane switch panel and OLED display enable access to all adjustments and settings. The menu structure is easy to navigate. Battery status is indicated by a defeatable bi-color LED that is green with a fresh battery, then turns to red as the battery runs down, and finally starts blinking red when there are only a few minutes of runtime remaining.

The housing is constructed of machined aluminum alloy treated in the conductive, super hard electroless nickel ebENi finish. A flexible, repositionable wire belt clip (to orient the antenna facing up or down) is included.

Drop-in charging is available for the DSSM with the optional CHSDSSM 4-bay charging dock. Each CHSDSSM can charge up to 4 units and/or LB-50 batteries in any combination. Up to 4 CHSDSSM charges can be daisy-chained, allowing you to charge a max 16 DSSMs and/or batteries with a single DCR5/9AU power supply.

The DSSM provides AES 256-bit CTR encryption with four key policies, including Universal, Shared, Standard, and Volatile. This covers a wide variety of use cases, such as government, corporate, & sports coverage.

Each DSSM transmitter includes: antennas, reversible belt clip, LB-50 battery, & pouch.

Available Variants:

Trew Audio offers the DSSM in the following wideband tuning variants (compliant with US & Canadian regulations):

  • DSSM-A1B1 — 470.100 to 608 MHz
  • DSSM-B1C1 — 537 to 663 MHz (Leaves out 608-614, 616-653, and 663-692 MHz, & maintains max 20 mW limit for RF power in 614-616 and 653-663 MHz ranges)
  • DSSM-941 — 941 to 960 MHz

DSSM Features:

  • Extremely compact — ideal for theater and sports broadcasting
  • IP57 rated for moisture resistance
  • High density mode for maximum channel counts in limited spectrum
  • Offers over 6000 frequencies across a wide UHF range
  • Two-way IR port for easy set-up
  • Firmware updates via USB/Wireless Designer
  • Wide range input gain control in 1 dB steps
  • 35 mW max power (vs. 14 to 20 mW on most other micro transmitters), along with 10 mW and 2 mW (HDM) RF power settings
  • Elegant interface with OLED display, five buttons, and logical, intuitive menu structure (i.e. all settings can be changed on the unit itself)
  • All metal construction
  • Removeable antenna
  • Digital transmission with D2 and HDM modes, menu selectable
  • USB connector inside battery compartment for firmware updates with Lectro’s Wireless Designer software
  • Reversible Belt clip for antenna-up or antenna-down orientation
  • Compatible with DSQD, DCHR, M2Ra, DCR822, DSR, and DSR4 receivers