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  • The Zaxcom ZFR300 is a compact and lightweight timecode referenced audio recorder.  It’s modeled after the TRX900LA, so it’s slightly taller than the ZFR200 and has a better run time since it’s powered by two AA batteries instead of one

  • Portable and durable, the Zaxcom ZFR400 can record professional quality audio as a stand-alone device without the need of additional transmitters or receivers.

  • Zaxcom Nova 2

    6,750.00 USD CAD

    Record up to 16 channels of audio Integration with MRX Modules with (2) Built-in Enclosures Connects to ZaxNet™ for wireless control of connected transmitters and receivers Can be used with any wireless system utilizing the system's analog and AES external inputs Provides support for the Oasis control surface, a Walkie Interface, and a Mirror File list…

  • Unlock code for the Nova Touch software, for use with Zaxcom Nova and Nova 2 devices.

  • Zaxcom Aria-4 -- Mixing panel extension for Zaxcom Nova and Nomad recorder/mixers

  • Zaxcom Aria-8 Mixing Panel

    2,695.00 USD CAD

    Zaxcom Aria-8 Mixing Panel -- Compatible with Zaxcom Nova and Nomad series of recorder/mixers.