Zaxcom Nova 2

6,750.00 USD CAD

  • Record up to 16 channels of audio
  • Integration with MRX Modules with (2) Built-in Enclosures
  • Connects to ZaxNet™ for wireless control of connected transmitters and receivers
  • Can be used with any wireless system utilizing the system’s analog and AES external inputs
  • Provides support for the Oasis control surface, a Walkie Interface, and a Mirror File list
  • Includes an adaptive threshold Automixer algorithm


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Zaxcom Nova 2

The Zaxcom Nova 2 is one of the most complete Portable Audio Recorders on the Market. It has an incredible feature set and loads of inputs and outputs creating infinite routing capabilities in the field or on your production sound cart.


It features four mic/line NeverClip™ inputs, two line-level balanced inputs, eight external AES inputs (four of which are AES42), and six analog/AES output buses.

Two AES42 microphones can connect to the AES inputs and be powered by the Nova.

The NeverClip preamps have 140 dB of dynamic range, eliminating the need for limiters that can distort the recorded mix and ISO tracks. Users can record up to 16 channels of audio on two compact flash cards.

Zaxnet on the Zaxcom Nova 2

At the heart of the Nova is ZaxNet™: Zaxcom’s wireless protocol for keeping transmitters and receivers in sync without needing to physically adjust either. The Nova can remotely adjust the transmitter’s frequency, preamp gain, and output gain with the touch of a fader.

In addition, the Nova is capable of managing metadata for the files recorded onto the bodypack transmitter’s internal SD card. Track names, settings, and timecode are all kept in sync between the main files on the Nova and the backup files on the bodypack transmitter. Time code is automatically jammed between the Nova and each recording transmitter, without the need for jamming via a physical cable. Using this system, mixers can be sure that their files won’t become lost, mismatched, or have incomplete data between the main files and the backups.


The Nova 2 contains two housings for two digital wireless receiver modules (sold separately), allowing up to eight separate transmitters to connect to the Nova. The Nova enclosure provides power and antennas for the receiver module.


Scanning for open frequencies on the Nova puts the transmitters into a non-transmitting mode so an accurate scan can be conducted. Once finished, the receivers can be quickly assigned to new, clean frequencies right from the Nova. Changing the frequency of a receiver channel via the Nova updates the connected transmitter automatically.

Nova uses Zaxcom’s MARF recording system to keep your audio safe from corruption. All IFB Audio and wireless audio sent via ZaxNet is fully digitally encrypted for maximum security.

Nova uses two power inputs for redundant operation. No external power distribution is necessary.


A Zaxcom firmware update introduces an adaptive threshold Automixer algorithm and provides support for the Oasis control surface, a Walkie Talkie interface, and a mirror file list.

The adaptive threshold Automixer algorithm helps take the guesswork out of unscripted dialog – it automatically opens and closes microphones so dialog is smooth with minimal to no background noise.

Accessories for the Nova 2

Zaxcom’s Oasis control surface hardware can be used for external linear fader control, ideal for sound cart setup. The Walkie Talkie interface lets you plug your Walkie Talkie into the Nova and use your slate mic and headphones for communication around the set with integrated push-to-talk functionality.

The new mirror file list keeps a running list of all files mirrored for visual confirmation. Other new features include Sound Report generation while mirroring, the ability to disable unused home screen views, and better recognition of a variety of CF cards.