Rycote OM-08 Compact Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone (Stereo Pair)

899.00 USD CAD

Rycote OM-08 Stereo Pair — matched stereo pair of omnidirectional pencil condenser microphones designed for a range of recording applications.


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Rycote OM-08 Omnidirectional Pencil Condenser Microphone (Stereo Pair)

The Rycote OM-08 is a Stereo Pair 2-pack is a matched stereo pair of omnidirectional pencil condenser microphones designed for a range of applications in studio and field recording.

The OM-08 microphones provide solid low frequency response with virtually no drop off at 20Hz. The mics are built on Rycote’s low self-noise preamp design and capsules, which offer a consistent sonic signature that mixes well when cut together with other Rycote microphones in the range. The OM-08 mics can be used individually or in matched stereo pairs. Please Note: This product page is for the Stereo Pair 2-pack of OM-O8 microphones. For the single microphone version, please see here.

Rycote OM-08 Features

• Professional broadcast quality and individually fine-tuned back electret capsule
• Excellent low frequency response

• Compact design
• Ultra low noise circuitry
• Sophisticated RF shielding
• Low power consumption

• Gold-plated Neutrik XLR connector

• Active in-line filtering
• Fine-tuned mechanical RF shielding
• Thoroughly tested against digital wireless systems and walkie talkies

• Preamp made from non-corrosive machined brass – low impedance to ensure best possible and longest lasting RF shielding
• Capsule made from lightweight machined aluminium

Items included in delivery:
• 2 x OM-08 Microphones
• 1 x Microphone hard case
• 2 x Microphone clamp
• 2 x Microphone foam

• 5cm SGM Foam
• 5cm Classic Softie
• 5cm Short Fur Softie
• 5cm Super Softie
Nano Shield Kit (NS1-BA)
• Cyclone Windshield, Small
• Modular Windshield WS 10 Kit
• Baseball 19/20mm