• Boom-Buddy Boom Pole Cases

    From: 63.00 USD

    Boom-Buddy Boom Pole Cases -- Designed to provide the perfect boom pole carrying solution, Boom-Buddy Boom Pole Cases are packed with innovative features to ensure your audio equipment stays protected.

  • Boom-Buddy Boom Pole Heat Shrink --?Grip heat shrink for boom pole customization. Easily apply with boiling water or a heat gun.

  • Viviana Accessories Box -- Consists of 3 sections and 7 compartments, perfect for carrying accessories such as concealers, fur for lav, dots stickers premium, and various items. In the central section, you can also place Viviana Moleskin strips or Viviana Tape without having to cut them. Available in orange and purple.

  • Orca OR-542 Accessories Cart -- Allows a one-man production crew the ability to carry heavy equipment all day, including small lights, light stands, boom poles, cables, and more.

  • Sound Devices XL-TC-USBC-BNC Timecode Cable -- BNC to USB-C timecode input cable for the A20-Mini and A20-TX.

  • Sound Devices XL-TC-USBC-LEMO Timecode Cable -- 5-Pin LEMO to USB-C timecode input/output cable for the A20-Mini and A20-TX.

  • Boom-Buddy Transparent Zipper Case -- The perfect solution for keeping your essentials organized and accessible while adding a touch of style with the Boom-Buddy logo.

  • Boom-Buddy Boom Pole

    218.00 USD CAD

    Boom-Buddy Boom Pole -- This 4 section boom pole has a collapsed length of 93 cm and can extend to a maximum length of 308 cm. Made from carbon fiber to be strong whilst staying as lightweight as possible. Removable 3/8" thread and internal cabling.

  • Boom-Buddy Boom Pole Small

    166.00 USD CAD

    Boom-Buddy Boom Pole Small -- 4 section boom pole has a collapsed length of 62cm and can extend to a maximum length of 183cm.

  • Boom-Buddy Boom Swinger

    54.00 USD CAD

    Boom-Buddy Boom Swinger -- Takes the weight of the mic boom whilst still allowing the operator to move in and out of the action and rotate the mic even whilst using the mixer.

  • DPA AIR1 Universal Miniature Fur Windscreen -- Professional windscreens for lavalier and headset microphones, with patent-pending design that guarantees fast mounting, highly efficient & consistent wind protection, and unrivaled acoustic transparency. Two sizes available: Small & Large. And six color options: Gray, Black, Brown, White, Beige, & Off-White.

  • Soundcart Co-Pilot Workstation

    From: 885.00 USD

    Soundcart Co-Pilot Workstation -- Multi-functional location/studio workstation for sound utilities and/or ENG sound mixers.

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